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O yes. When this started AGAIN at least my hubby got to see that I was telling the truth about you ALL along. And with you still NOT being over him, even after YOU leaving him and having 2 kids by someone else. Oo but I am the stalker.. LMAO. You are slowly coming undone and it is HILARIOUS...
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Outsiders are those of us who never feel like they belong anywhere so we tend to isolate ourselves and it helps us find peace, freedom, and a sense of acceptance. #thinkaloud #mail #insideme #properly
My+Face+May+Look+Innocent,+But+Don't+Let+That+Fool+You.+The+Second+You+Mess+With+My+Son+I+Turn+Into A+Very+Crazy+And Dangerous+Woman Who+Just+Might Snap+Your+Little Neck.
wonderlanddreamsx: “Be nice to me // The Front Bottoms ”
How strange it is to be anything at all
You’re still the one.